http and https
http and https

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocol

Basically, there is one fundamental question over the internet market with lots of confused answers that about, which is the basic difference between HTTP and HTTPS acronyms protocol and for what particular reason. There is not so much physical difference between the http and https. As both the protocol have their own unique creation. You can find the free version of HTTP with blogger and also paid version of https made a from upon different perspective. However, the protocols are made for their own clarification and some particular reason. It is not about your security purpose as well as your growth of the website.

In this tutorial article, we will give some simple easy introduction and basic difference between HTTP and https. With this, we will make a comparison between HTTP vs HTTPS right here.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS | http vs https

Here TechnToste brings for you the comparison and difference between http and https.

What Is HTTP:

HTTP is standing for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. In simple word, HTTP is a connection between a user (Web Client) and web hosting or web administrator (Web Server). In one-word HTTP is totally unsecured that any hacker can be attacked on any web server and website made of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). As it uses Normal IP web packet so that any kind of information can easily transit over the internet or intranet. The normal IP just stands for usage of routing. Normally HTTP UDP and TCP or IP protocols. That is why the transmitted data from sources user/client to drain web host or web server is not encrypted fully. So it is just a protocol stands for information that pass back and forth Clients and Web Server.

What Is HTTPS:

HTTPS is standing for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. S of HTTPS stands for the Secure. HTTPS is named with secure so this is the best and secure protocol in this age of technology. The not only top most website now a day all the website tries to install SSL Certificate and the security patch file. Because everybody wants to make is a website full of secure encryption.

As HTTPS provide secure encryption before transmission from Client PC to web server after transmission over the connection no matter either it is Internet or Intranet. The corresponding data cannot pass through the data link layer to network layer from the tunneling so that hacker cannot get any data from HTTPS. As HTTPS IPsec is provided cloud encrypt security so that TCP or SSL protocols stands for transport layer of the tunnel.

What is SSL | Why HTTPS Use SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is an encrypted security protocol establish point- to -point links. Between Client PC to Web Server on Internet communication. SSL assure that all the data passes from one SSL Certificate installed HTTPS server to another is totally secure and encrypted during transmission. It is nothing but a privet key stands for encryption online communication process and HTTPS worth of it from the beginning. So that HTTPS Use SSL Certificate always.

Difference Tabulation between HTTP and HTTPS


Comparing HTTP vs. HTTPS protocol

Point of Concern HTTP HTTPS
Full Name Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
Decryption HTTP stands for less secure rather unsecured over online communication HTTPS is the best secure protocol for online communication
Encryption Scrambled HTTP don’t convert data as form of code so hacker can easily grab it over the communication transfer HTTPS always scramble data in to code before it transmits from Client to Web Server over Internet
Privacy HTTP don’t use any kind of secure privacy protocol over Hyper Text Transfer HTTPS always use transport layer certified with SSL over Hyper Text Transfer
Performance HTTP is not good in performance HTTPS always gives the best performance because of Encryption Scrambled
Protocol Version HTTP use basic TCP/IP and UDP protocol version HTTPS use IPsec on network layer and TLS/SSL on transport layer
Port HTTP use either 80 or 8080 port number HTTPS always use 443 port number secure with SSL
Security Protection HTTP don’t have any certificate of Security Protection HTTPS always have pre-installed SSL certificate
Cost by manufactures Nil mainly provide by Blogger $ 5 USD(Monthly) to $199 USD (Annually)
RFC Editor use HTTP use RFC 2616, RFC 7231, RFC 7230 HTTPS use RFC 5246, RFC 2818


Where and what to buy

There are lots of different websites provide SSL Certified HTTPS for your website niche where you can buy it. As you know that our website is also SSL https certified and the Connection is secure.

Final Word

In my opinion, it is best to use HTTPS rather than HTTP to secure your website. But if you are a freelance writer or blogger then. I suggest you if you have a website for business purpose. Where the payment is executing then HTTPS is highly recommended for your website. But if you make some website for just content writing. Or how to guide or health. Then I advise you don’t use HTTPS now give some time to growth your website when you see 1000 Visitors everyday then take SSL Certified HTTPS for your website.

Hope this tutorial is very informative to understand you the difference between http and https. Share with your friend to view them is it right time to buy or not.

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