Top 5 Insurance Providers for Your Technical Device in 2021

Insurance for Your Technical Device in 2021 is very easy ! We live in a world where technology has made our lives significantly easier. Imagine what we would do if there were no smartphones, computers, or internet connections during the COVID-19 pandemic. People would have been bored to death. Thanks to the technical equipment, gadgets, and electrical appliances – we are living a happy life. But what if something happens to such equipment or gadgets? What would you do if something happens to your gadget. How would any students get homework help if something happens to his PC or Laptop.

Top 5 Insurance Providers for Your Technical Device in 2021

That is where the insurance plans come into the scene. Since most of us spend tons of money on these electronic gadgets, equipment, and appliances, it is important that we insure them. You never know when one of these devices stops working or you lose it. The insurance policies protect you from those things.

In this blog, we will talk about the 5 most popular technological equipment insurance providers available in the market. So, if you are buying a new device, this one is for you.

Top 5 Insurance Providers in 2021

  1. AppleCare Insurance

Apple is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the technology market. Whether you are buying a MacBook, an iPhone, or an apple watch, it is recommended that you buy coverage from AppleCare instead of buying it from a different service provider. The AppleCare support is devised exclusively for Apple users. You get all kinds of services and support for your Apple product from the experts.

Most Apple gadgets and equipment come with a 1-year warranty and 3 months of complimentary support. You have the option to extend this coverage and support with AppleCare. They offer 2 different types of support and coverage plans. They are:

  • AppleCare+ 

It is designed for different Apple products, including iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple Display, iPhone, Apple Watch, and HomePod. It comes with two accidental damage coverages annually at a small service fee. If you damage the screen, it can be replaced under this plan at $29. You can also get a special AppleCare+ plan that comes with a theft and loss plan. It covers 2 theft incidents, accidental damage, and loss of the device. However, this special plan is only for iPhones.

  • AppleCare Protection Plan

This plan is ideally created for Apple TV users. This plan does not cover accidental damage. It only costs $29 for both the regular Apple TV and the new 4K one. With this plan, you get 2 years of warranty coverage along with tech support. It is applicable for the Apple TV, the Siri Remote, and the ApplePort router if you bought them within 2 years of the TV.

  1. Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group offers a wide range of electronics insurance plans. It happens to be one of the popular insurance providers in the market. It sells phone insurance, gaming console insurance, e-reader insurance, laptop insurance, and many more.

They also offer an iPhone insurance plan which is actually one of the best plans to cover accidental damage, theft, and vandalism, natural and flood disasters, power surges by lightning, liquid submersion, and fire. You also get the option to insure your Chromebook under one of their plans. The Chromebook insurance covers issues such as theft, accidental damage, liquid submersion, natural disasters, fire, flood, etc.

You can also get unlimited claims and coverage for theft, screen damage, liquid damage under the iPad insurance plan. Moreover, Worth Ave. Group offers some of the best phone insurance plans for brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG. The company actually specializes in tablet insurance. They also offer coverage for major electronic brands like Dell as well.

  1. Safeware

This trusted insurance provider offers extended warranties, service plans, and, of course, insurance. It is more popular in the market for its desktop computers insurance coverage. However, you can get insurance policies for a variety of technological equipment, including smartphones, tablets, home appliances, and electronics.

The insurance plans from Safeware cover repairs and replacement of smartphones and other electronic equipment. Moreover, the policies offer protection against accidental drops. Liquid spills, robbery, vandalism, and power surge. You can avail of their insurance plan if your phone is no older than two months. However, they do not place the manufacturer’s original warranty.

You can even get extended service plans with Safeware. However, these plans do not cover lost items or theft. Such plans start when you buy your gadget or equipment and offer coverage for problems that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover. The company will offer the same benefits as the manufacturer’s coverage once the warranty expires.

  1. SquareTrade

This insurance provider now offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for smartphone protection. Their plan costs only $8.99 per month. The best part about SquareTrade is that they do not impose a limit on your plan. You can get coverage for any phone from any carrier.

There is no need to buy coverage when the phone is new. However, they charge a deductible for the covered claims. Such deductibles range from $25 to $140 and vary depending on the type of damage. Unfortunately, the coverage provided by SquareTrade is limited to accidental damages only. In other words, you do not get protection against loss or theft of the device.

  1. Samsung Premium Care

If you are buying a Samsung smartphone or other electronic gadgets or devices from the brand, this is the perfect insurance option for you. As you may already know, flagship Samsung phones are quite expensive. Thus, it becomes important to protect them from mishaps.

The insurance coverage provider for Samsung is Asurion. It is one of the top coverage providers for top brands. The insurance coverage for Samsung products comes under Samsung Premium Care. It is quite similar to AppleCare+ and focuses on phone damage. You will need additional coverage to protect your phone in case of loss or theft.

This Samsung Premium Care plan serves as an extended warranty. It protects your devices up to 3 years of your purchase. It offers protection against accidental damage, like spills, cracks, and drops.

Final Words: Top 5 Insurance Providers for Your Technical Device in 2021

As you can see, most of these insurance providers offer specific coverage plans for different electronic and technological devices. So, you should buy an insurance plan that suits your equipment the best.

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