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How to run Windows 10 or Windows 11 on your Mac device

There is a most popular question on Internet that can we run Windows 10 on your Mac device. So that today, I going to show you how to run Windows on your Mac device . I have come up with a topics the best way to run Windows 10 on your Mac device . Windows 10 is as important as Mac OS  for many person. Especially those who use the Mac device like Mac Book Air or Mac Book Pro. But think of that If I could use the best way to run Windows in Mac device in 2021.

So it’s my post to them today who want to run Windows on your Mac device. So let’s talk about how to run Windows on your Mac device. This allows you to use Windows 10 or any version of Windows . If you want to use it. Then its original disk will be collected from Microsoft or Amazon or e-bay. piracy or copy can not work on your Mac device. Because for security purpose apple do not grant your the permission.

Best way to run Windows on your Mac device

Now I tell you the two best way to run Windows on your Mac device.

  • Dual Booting
  • Virtualization

#Method 1 : Dual Booting (Boot Camp)

Dual booting is a system that when you on your Mac systems then you will display two operating systems. There you can use any one operating system .If you want to go to another operating system. You must restart the device. Because this is to satisfy the whole process to run Windows on your Mac device.

This allows you to use Windows on your current operating system. Hence you can run Windows on your Mac device. But this is not the right way. Because this can not work well if you use Windows 10. Because all the resources and source code of Windows are not same in Mac, so do not. But the advantage is that you can use two operating systems Mac and Windows  at the same time on the same device.

  • This is one of the best method to run Windows on your Mac device.

  1. Now I will show how to do Using Your Mac’s Hard Drive on  Dual Boot Windows 10 and Mac.
  2. The simplest method, which will occupy some places of the best performance but hard drive, and the computer must be restarted every time you go to Windows.
  3. Mac has a boot camp called utility that helps to easily run dual boot windows. It is easy to set up boot OS  or windows at Mac startup. However, if you have to run Windows on your hard drive, then at least 30 GB will be empty. You can take even more if you want to install many software or games.
  • You can easily dual boot through the boot menu of your mother board of Mac device.

  1. First go to Utilities Folder.
  2. Open boot camp assistant there.
  3. Then follow its processes.
  4. Windows will start installing the driver.
  5. A partition on your hard disk will be created
  6. Almost entirely Windows will be installed before you restart your Mac device.
  • Boot Windows On Your Mac device From An External Hard Drive

Booting the Windows from External Hard Drive is a lot harder and worse than performance boot camps.

But it is better than most virtual machines. Every time the computer is restarted to run Windows. But it does not occupy any place on Mac’s hard drive. If you do not have more space on your Mac’s hard drive, you can boot full Windows from this external hard drive. When it is complete, then exit the disk from the PC and enter the Mac. Then put down the Mac device. If it is running, then stay on as long as the holding options are there.

You get the option to boot your USB drive. Then press Continue and Windows will start. Although it can be restarted from install 2 or 3 times to install Windows completely. Then Windows will run. However, Wi fi or other things will not work. There are some drivers needed for this. Your Mac has rebooted the operating system x and the Boot Camp driver

  • How to setup to run Windows on your Mac device

  1. Put your USB drive on your PC.
  2. Then open Disk Management Utility.
  3. Now click on the right mouse button on USB drive
  4. Then Click on convert to GTP Disk.

After this your USB drive will be formatted but it is very important for you to boot your drive. If you see options that convert to MBR, then there is no need to click here. Normally delete the drive partitions.

  1. Now double click on the blank space of this empty drive and create the FAT32 partition.
  2. However, it does not need to take more than 100 mm of space. Because it will be used only for the boot sector.
  3. Then create another partition which will be in NTFS format. The rest of the place will be left for it. That’s because Windows will be there.
  4. This time your external drive is ready for without sb.
  5. So open your USB. Now you need a Windows 8 disk or an ISO file that will take you to your USB drive. In addition, the rest will take the boot and the system partition.
  6. Then click on Next bootable USB drives the easy way to install on your USB drive.

#Method 2 : Virtualization (Parallels $80/ €65 /Free)

Windows virtual machines for Mac users use. Using Mac in Windows is very simple but a little expensive. You do not need to restart your computer to run Windows software virtually Those who need to run Windows software occasionally will need it. Setting up the virtual machine is a bit complicated but it is easy to use. Just keep in mind that you have to install Windows Disk and some configurable settings. This is the second best method to run Windows on your Mac device.

When Parallel installs Windows, you can give Boot Camp Partition to Windows Virtual Machine, with a few clicks on Mac’s key boardVirtual Box is able to virtualize your mac in Mac. But the performance parallels will not be the same. But this is not too bad. As we told you how to run Windows on your Mac device.

If you are willing to spend a little time in setting up virtual machine, then I will install the Windows 8 virtual box. It tested that almost all Windows software run very well. How to set up a virtual box, you will get it on Google search.

#Final Words

For all specific features of Mac, all Windows keyboard shortcuts may not work. However, copy paste and other works can be done very well. I know you could not fully tune up. But hopefully what you discussed with him, you can take him out and try to get him out. Those best way to run Windows on your Mac device. So do not forget to share thanks for reading have a good day.

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