How to Configure Netgear WIFI router With Windows 11 OS?

Netgear WIFI router! The Netgear Wireless router enables fast WiFi performance. It can easily connect up to thirty devices at the same time and still provide a stable WiFi speed to the router. With the help of the high gain antennas, you get advanced wifi speed with beamforming and dual-band technology, it delivers a fast and stable internet connection to your device. It can seamlessly reach every corner of your house. It can connect to many smart devices easily. Moreover, the system of Netgear with Windows 11 can be configured with easy tactics.

Configure Netgear WIFI router With Windows 11 OS

Netgear with window 11 is the most prominent update in the operating system. With the use of Windows 11 with a Netgear router, you can easily activate the dark mode on your computer, and customize the settings of the registry editor. Also, you can install the latest wallpapers in window 11. You will get a smooth gaming and streaming experience by operating window 11 with the Netgear router.

Setup of the Netgear WIFI router With Window 11

Windows 11 provides you with a new start menu, notification center, and taskbar. It is a complete package of advanced technology with the latest updates and features. By installing Netgear with windows 11 you can also fix bugs that create dead spots while accessing the wifi connection. But before installing windows 11 ensure that your PC should support the latest version or not. If it does not support window 11 then you can’t install it on your computer.

Use of web browser to access the window 11

Before installing, ensure that the computer and the router are connected to each other with the help of the Ethernet cable. In this method, you are using the web user interface to access windows 11 on your PC. For the Netgear nighthawk router login with Windows 11. Open a web browser on your PC and type and after that press the enter button. Now you are able to see a login page on your web screen in which you have to enter your credential details correctly. Once you access the Netgear login page then you can customize the settings in Windows 11. So it can easily connect whenever you access the login page.

Setup using the Netgear Nighthawk app

You can easily manage the settings of the Nighthawk app. It allows you to personally access the network connection by registering into the router. You can install the app on mobile devices that can be carried anywhere. To download the app open the web browser and visit After that open the settings of your mobile device and tap on the wifi option and connect to the router’s wireless connection. Open the Nighthawk app on your smartphone and follow the app instructions that will be displayed on your mobile screens and establish a successful connection between the router and the app.

Fix the issues of the Netgear With Windows 11

The Netgear wireless router networking system is the major part of every PC or laptop. Always check for the latest updates for your PC. So you won’t have trouble accessing the stable wifi connection. With windows 11, you connect to the router and get fast and reliable speed. While working with your computer, you don’t want your computer to lag and spread fast access. So update your computer with windows 11. But sometimes users have to face issues while accessing Netgear with window 11. So here are some tips to deal with those issues.

Install the latest Netgear drivers

To download or install the Netgear driver for windows 11. Press the window key+x and go to the device manager settings. Now place your Netgear router and select the updated driver. After that click on the Browse, my computer option and now the system will automatically pick the update from the list. If your computer does not support Windows 11 then you can use Windows 10. After that click on the option of I have the disk. After that place the drive and press the OK button.

Power Settings of the router

Open the web browser on your computer and type IP address and log in to your Netgear ID. After that click on the battery icon in the notification area and change plan settings and then click on the change the advanced settings.

Final Words: How to Configure Netgear WIFI router With Windows 11 OS?

After that choose the USB settings of the router and choose the disable option and plug it into the router and click on the save the changes option. You can also disable the WLAN settings and change the channel settings for the smooth working of the Netgear with Windows 11.

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