Best free online text to speech converter in 2021

Speech Converter! The new generation of applications for the artificial production of the human voice is one of the most intriguing web utilities. And programs in the internet world. A text-to-speech (TTS) system converts text into speech using a real voice. That allowing the computer to speak and read aloud what is typed. Text-to-speech technology has come a long way with male and female voices. Different accents, and the ability to control volume, intonation, frequency, and more.

If you need a service to convert text to speech and then download it in MP3 format, we’ve rounded up the best free websites for that. The emphasis here is on tools that give you the file at the end, not just play the transformation.

The best site for converting text to voice speech converter

The best free online text to speech converter are hereby.

  1. Getwoord text-to-voice site

Getwoord a British site affiliated with the company Woord Ltd specialized in programming and modern technology works. That considered the best text to speech converter, as it has great advantages such as the quality of the voice and the pronunciation that converted from the text. In addition to allowing the use of audio clips in businesses such as marketing For products or their use in YouTube channels, as well as making them available for educational processes and many other uses.

Network site offers to convert text to audio without registration for free, its maximum limit is 1000 characters, to download audio clips, you must first register for free, then you can download files comfortably, in addition to giving you 2 free downloads of audio clips per month.

Link – Click Here

  1. kukarella text to speech converter

kukarella is a very wonderful site through which you can convert text to voice with ease, and the site provides the service for free with a maximum of 500 characters at a time. Therefore, it has been added to the list of the best text-to-audio converting site.

The kukarella site supported by large companies with reliable support for a large number of users in the world. Such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, as well as its support for the feature of downloading audio clips for free without complications or obstacles. Played on the free text-to-voice service on kukarella website. It allows only one woman’s voice without presenting. It with a man’s voice.

When you register on the site to create an account, you will be given 2000 characters as a gift provided by the kukarella site. Then you can choose the voice you prefer. You will not have to enter any payment information such as credit cards or bank account details.

Link – Click Here

  1. TTSMP3 Text-to-Voice site

Ttsmp3 deserves to be on the list of the best site for converting text to audio professionally, as it provides texts for free with a maximum of 3000 characters per day, in addition to its support for other languages than English like Arabic, French, etc.

You can use the ttsmp3 site if you want to professionally create videos to publish on your YouTube channel, also it can be used in presentations in addition to being able to use it in the educational system, and finally, the big advantage is downloading the audio clips in MP3 format.

Link – Click Here

  1. Text 2 Voice

Text 2 Voice does what it says on the package. You can convert up to 2000 characters at a time. Just enter the text in the box, the counter below the box shows how many characters you have used, and you will have to pay if you want to convert more than the character limit.

Below, use the Language & Region drop-down menu. When done, click the Convert to Speech yellow button. It may take a while if you have written a lot. When everything is ready, the audio will play automatically.

You can also expand the Advanced Sound Options (switch between MP3 and OGG and change the sample rate) and Advanced Voice Options (Voice Speed ​​and Voice Effect). If you change them, click Convert to Text-to-Speech again to process the change before clicking Download MP3 / OGG.

Link – Click Here

  1. Text 2 Speech.org

Text 2 Speech is a simple service, but it does its job well. Enter the text (up to 4000 characters), select from a small range of voices, select a conversation speed and name the resulting audio file. When you’re ready, click Start.

This will take you to a new results page where you can play the sound. If you are not satisfied, click Back to start over and make the necessary changes. If all goes well, you can download the file in MP3 or WAV format. The site lists the file size of each. Both should be relatively small, but if you want smaller, choose MP3.

Link – Click Here

  1. Festvox

Festvox is part of the Carnegie Mellon University Speech Group project. Their text-to-speech tool is a little outdated, especially because the voices seem a little robotic, but it still does a quick and easy job if that’s what you want.

There are some limitations. Although there is no specified character limit, it will not convert anything if you are entering a large amount of text. Also, while there is a drop-down menu for choosing an audio format, whatever you choose will output as WAV, but that’s ok as it is a regular and lightweight file format.

After entering text and selecting an item, click Synthesize to load the file. If your file shows 0KB and/or does not play audio, it means that you have used too many characters. Go back and reduce the amount of text.

Link – Click Here

  1. Hearling

Hearling the second version of a speech synthesis tool called Sound of Text (which is still a good choice, but very simple). You must sign up for a free account that guarantees 5000 characters per month. For standard voices and 1250 characters per month for the more advanced WaveNet voices.

After logging in, go to the “Clips” page and click “New Clip”. Select your language, dialect and voice, then click Next. In the right pane, enter the text you want to convert. When you’re ready, click Synthesize Clip.

Link – Click Here

Final Words

You redirected to the clip download page, where you can choose to play and download the clip in MP3 format. If you are not satisfied with the result, click “Start Over” to try again. You can come back to this page whenever you want. To view all previously created clips. Even if you have to pay if you want to download them all at once in a ZIP archive.

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