Best free Encrypted Messaging Apps for Android 2021

Almost all popular Android messaging apps now allow you to send encrypted messages. However, some of them owned by tech behemoths like Facebook, raising concerns about their trustworthiness in terms of our privacy and security.

When using messenger or VoIP apps on Android, about half of people concerned about their privacy. While most of us were unaware that there numerous encrypted messaging apps for Android available from an open source community that we can trust.

I’ll list the best free encrypted messaging apps in this article. There are several free open source android applications online, but we selected some of the best encrypted messaging and VoIP smartphone apps available right now for Android. All of the open source messengers and VoIP applications mentioned support end-to-end encryption, and download links are provided. Let’s get started.

Top 6 best free encrypted messaging apps for Android 2021

  1. Signal

Many people rely on Signal’s advanced privacy technology for SMS and HD quality voice and video calls. Signal, an open source messaging app, encrypts your messages from beginning to end. The Signal app prioritizes privacy, and it works well even on slow internet connections.

Signal is a self-sustaining non-profit organization whose growth is funded by its users. This app is completely free, with no ads or trackers. You can send messages safely using the phone numbers and contacts in your phonebook. Customize everyone’s alert tones or turn off notification sounds entirely. So that it can draw, crop, and rotate your photos using the app’s built-in image editing features.Link : Android iOS / Desktop (Windows 10)

  1. Telegram

Telegram is the world’s fastest messaging app, connecting people through a globally distributed network of data centers. You have simultaneous access to your messages on all of your devices.

This feature enables you to send and receive messages from all of your devices at the same time, allowing you to start a conversation on your phone and continue it on your tablet or laptop. Begin typing a message on your phone, then finish it on your tablet or laptop. Your data will never lost again.

You can have up to 200,000 people in a group chat, share big videos and documents, and even make bots to perform specific tasks. Telegram uses a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie-Hellman encrypted key exchange to keep all of your chat history, groups, and media files safe in the cloud. Telegram includes advanced photo and video editing software, as well as an open sticker and GIF website. Messages sent via the Secret Chats function automatically removed from both the sending and receiving devices.

Link : AndroidiOS / Desktop (Windows 10)

  1. Viber

Viber is a popular video chat messaging service that allows you to communicate with everyone in the world over the internet. As Viber allows you to make free international calls, text messages, photographs, videos, GIFs, and stickers, as well as open community chats.

For voice and video calls, it can be fully synced between laptop and tablet. So Viber Out, a utility service, also allows you to dial landlines.

End-to-end encryption is used to secure all messages, with the encryption key stored solely on the user’s computer. Secret Chats helps you to erase particular posts, so that they are instantly erased from the recipient’s phone after they have been read. Viber has an infinite number of users that has Chat plugins for favorite links, Viber stickers, GIFs, and views, as well as Yelp, YouTube, Spotify, and other services.

A Viber Out subscription is an optional search package that can be purchased within the app and renewed at various intervals and is used to search for specific purposes.

Link : AndroidiOS / Desktop (Windows 10)

  1. Threema

Threema is a messaging app with the highest level of encryption security available. Because it is a paid app, we recommend selling it. Threema allows you to make end-to-end encrypted voice calls, send text and voice messages, share videos, and even take polls while remaining completely anonymous.

As a result, the service can be used anonymously. Threema is an open source instant messenger that supports end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls and has all of the features one would expect from a sophisticated instant messenger. You can use Threema from your computer as well with Threema Web.

Using the open source NaCl encryption library, the application encrypts all communications. This generates very little data on the server, and group memberships and contact lists stored on your device rather than in the cloud. Messages deleted after they’ve been sent, and the conversation’s local files are also encrypted.

To prevent backdoor access or duplicates, the generated encryption key saved on your device. You can use the app’s accept/disagree feature to respond, and you can also scan someone’s personal QR code to verify their identity. Every Threema user assigned a unique Threema ID. This means you don’t need to provide a phone number or an email address. This allows you to use the app anonymously without revealing personal information.

Link : AndroidiOS

  1. Wire

Wire is the most secure collaboration platform available. This improves your team’s efficiency while keeping your information private. Wire makes it simple and secure for your team to communicate and share information (messages, files, conference calls, or private conversations) while staying connected.

Wire is a secure platform that allows teams and groups to communicate, hold private conversations, conference calls, and share files. You can have group or private discussions and collaborate with your team via links, documents, and files.

You can hold audio or video meetings with a single click of a button in the app, and you can also invite others to a private chat room. Additionally, the app supports device fingerprinting and temporary messaging. Wire works on any device and operating system, allowing you to collaborate with your team both at work and on the go.

Link : AndroidiOS

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp the most widely used messaging service in the world. There’s also end-to-end encryption. Group chats, voice calls, enhanced file sharing, and other functionality  included. It even encompasses removing a post after it  received. WhatsApp owned by Facebook, whose privacy policies reportedly scrutinized. So, while WhatsApp isn’t the perfect alternative, it’s better than nothing, and its success makes it a common choice for private messaging applications.

Link : AndroidiOS / Desktop (Windows 10) / WhatsApp Web

Final Word

These the top five free encrypted messaging apps for Android and iPhone. Signal is the most secure messaging service, in my opinion. So, which applications, in your view, can trusted to be secure? In the comments section, make recommendations. As most powerful man on earth Elon Mask , the owner of SpaceX and Tesla using and recommending Signal app rather than using WhatsApp. He promote Signal Messenger application for safe and secure with encryption.

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